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Don’t be spammy, pushy, sales-y, douchey, or scary.

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That’s how David Noël puts it, and he is right! Social Media provides the ultimate tools to create relationships, not pitches! This is one of the most significant changes in the marketing world and something many are still struggling with.

Basically you want to avoid talking about your service or product all together. The opposite of what marketing used to be. Copy writing has entered a new era. I remember the advice received during a workshop with Herschell Gordon Lewis: when you write 4 words, delete 3. A tweeter pur sang and avant la lettre (forgive me my French).

No longer do we buy a list, defined by certain metrics. No, we have to create a community our (potential) customers like to visit. Then we have to get to know them, established by a sincere dialogue, active communication, and sharing meaningful information.

Next is to show them you understand and respect them, before you share how it feels when you “help” them. Your customer needs to “like” you before he’ll buy from you, and he’ll “follow” you happily ever after.


Written by Monique DiCarlo

July 29, 2010 at 2:26 am

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